Mocha in Elevator

Mocha is a visual communications agency that produces film and animation content that helps
drive behaviour change.

According to Phil Halpin, Mocha’s Managing Director, “The exposed bricks and low business
rates are what attracted us to Elevator. After three months of being on the waiting list, we finally
moved into our new office on the fourth floor of No 25. We’ve now reached our 10 year
milestone of occupancy with a staff of 5.

Commenting on Mocha’s biggest business success, Phil proudly commented: “Helping our
clients to secure £7.8bn in business wins using our ‘show not tell’ method.”

Mocha shows so much passion with the services they offer and the positive changes their work
creates. It is no wonder they won the Northern Marketing Awards in 2020, a finalist for the
Purpose Award 2021, and were also a finalist for the HSJ Awards 2021.

Phil continues: “Our projects are like our children, we love them all equally and cannot pick a
favourite. We regularly work with fellow Elevator tennant, Simon from Igloo Studios because
he’s simply brilliant at what he does and he’s literally downstairs from our studio.”

The Baltic Triangle has garnered its popularity nourished by the unfolding creative
environment. Impressive street arts and installations can be found in the area along with the
creative headquarters and establishments.

Phil says: “The Cain’s Brewery building is a real landmark in the area and it’s cool to peer at
from our window.

“The area also has loads of great places to eat and drink and you will always bump into people
you know. You can’t beat the Jamaica Street Snack Shop for value, but Chapters of Us does
great coffee and has a really imaginative menu. If the sun’s out you might find me drinking gin
in the Botanic Garden although the starting point for a team night out would obviously be The
Baltic Social.

“For some amazing work produced by local artists, I would recommend Dorothy where I’ve
bought many great gifts.”

Location is just as vital as the people you work with and having a great passion for what you
do. Phil concludes: “The Baltic Triangle is at the right side of town for us, traffic is generally
pretty light if you’re coming into town from the south of the city and it only takes me ten minutes
on my bike.

Mocha has made Elevator its home and has created wonders during its 10-year occupancy.
They continue to create content that makes people ‘stop, think and act’ and gets clients the

results they’re looking for. Find out more about Mocha here: