Elevator x Sylvana Lee-Jones

On the 9th November we had the absolute honour of launching Sylvana Lee-Jones’ first ever art exhibition here in our Elevator Gallery. 

It was a wonderful night with drinks upon arrival kindly sponsored by InBev Brewery, and the chance to take home one of Sylvana’s pieces, Enchanted Forest, which was won by Shane!

The launch night took place alongside an album launch in Arts Bar, as attendees trickled in while enjoying live music.

We are particularly proud to be able to host Sylvana’s first ever exhibition and to have played a small part during a milestone in her art career. We truly can’t wait to see what future works Sylvana will bring into fruition and hope that we have the privilege to host her work again in the future. For now, her current exhibition is on for the month of November.

Here’s what Sylvana had to say:

“As my first exhibition I feel fairly exposed! And anxious, but excited all at the same time. There is always something scary about putting something of yourself in the public eye, and my art is very much an outpouring of my soul. I’m very proud to have finally taken the leap. 

There were many favourite moments of the night! Every time a stranger came up to me and told me they really enjoyed looking at my art was my favourite moment. As I’ve never really shown my work to anyone other than friends and family (who are more often than not obliged to say they like your work!) It was a very confidence boosting experience. I was pleasantly surprised at peoples’ positive reactions.  

Every time I finish a painting, I think it is my new favourite! But if I absolutely had to choose I would have to say the ‘Dragon’ from the Grey Space Collection. It is layers upon layers of paint, textures and colours mix together to form a hundred different pictures depending on where you are standing as you look at it. I like the interactive aspect of it and listening to what others see in it.”