Naive John : Exploring the Intersection of Art and Digital Creativity

Naive John is a self-taught artist known for his intricate and captivating paintings that aim to capture the essence of the universe through vibrant and layered portraits. The artist’s work is characterised by its labour-intensive nature, the use of multiple layers, and a pursuit of beauty that leaves viewers awestruck. We’ll delve into Naive John’s artistic journey, his relationship with digital tools, influences, approach to art, engagement with the art community, recent successes, and his unique perspective on the role of art in life.

Since the 1990s, Naive John has been incorporating computers into his artistic process. He leverages several PCs in his studio for tasks ranging from creating three-dimensional sculptures to post-production work in Photoshop. The digital realm has become an integral part of his workflow, enabling him to explore new dimensions of creativity and expand his artistic boundaries.

Naive John draws inspiration from a diverse kind of sources, including silent era cartoons, philosophy, View-Master slides, the Uncanny, and meditation. These influences converge in his artwork, creating a unique blend of depth and aesthetic appeal. His paintings, often described as ‘acoustic NFTs,’ reflect a fusion of his inspirations and his deep understanding of the digital world.

Art has been an inherent part of Naive John’s life, accompanying him through economic challenges and personal hardships. Despite facing economic constraints, he has chosen a path driven by passion rather than commercial success. He engages in his art almost daily, spending hours working on his pieces, comparing the experience to meditation. The process of creating large paintings that take months to complete is akin to running a marathon, and the reward lies in the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Although Naive John’s practice tends toward the solitary, he acknowledges the role of community in the art world. While he knew few artists in person, the advent of social media, particularly Instagram, has facilitated connections and conversations with fellow artists. This shift in the form of the artistic community has allowed him to exchange ideas and receive support, expanding his network beyond physical boundaries.

Naive John expresses a desire to sit down for coffee in the Arts Bar with Jan Van Eyck, a renowned Flemish painter from the 14th century. Van Eyck’s mastery of oil painting and his unparalleled realism intrigue Naive John. He is also curious about how Van Eyck’s revolutionary works were received by mediaeval audiences and how they must have challenged the prevailing artistic norms.

Naive John has participated in art fairs, with recent shows in Dallas, Texas, and an upcoming one in Miami. These international exhibitions provide him with platforms to showcase his art on a broader scale. He is currently focused on completing significant paintings for the upcoming event in Miami and anticipates further opportunities, including a potential visit to Korea next year.

Naive John’s advice to aspiring artists is simple yet profound: “Don’t give up on your dreams. Believe.” This encapsulates his own journey, where unwavering belief in his artistic vision and dedication to his craft have led him to unexpected and fulfilling opportunities.

As a tenant of Elevator for a year. He is drawn by the familiarity of the building where he found a conducive environment to nurture his creative process within the Elevator community.

His artistic journey showcases the synergy between traditional artistry and modern technology. The dedication to his craft, exploration of the digital realm, and engagement with the art community highlight the evolving landscape of contemporary art. Through his paintings, Naive John offers viewers a glimpse into the universe’s expression and demonstrates the power of perseverance, belief, and creativity in shaping an artist’s life journey.