Elevator Studios is full of creatives from the worlds of music and tech, find out their latest innovations and releases here, as well as who’s new to the building and what our existing residents think of Elevator.


    “We’re very lucky to have such a great space for our office at Elevator Studios and to share the building with other really amazing companies. It’s like a home from home, and the team go above and beyond to assist us with anything we may need”

    Chloe, Large Office Space

    “I have an artists studio in the heart of this very dynamic building. It’s always buzzing – with creative activities of all kinds – and has a friendly casual vibe.”

    Naive John (painter), Studio Space

    “Elevator has always been our “go to”, it is by far the most professional and quality space in the area. The experience so far has been fantastic, studio space and sound proofing is second to none alongside the other tenants and staff all being supportive. We would recommend Elevator to anyone looking for a creative space.”

    RIVIA, Studio Space

    “The price and ease of dealing with the landlord, have kept us at Elevator for 11 years. During this time we’ve been surrounded by equally creative companies, some of which we’ve collaborated with.”

    Jamie Brayshaw | Head of Marketing, Ripstone

    “Elevator’s session rooms are well-priced for bands like ours. We enjoy being part of the community that includes iconic bands we’re inspired by. “

    Tom | Wide Eyed Boy

    “We’ve been an Elevator tenant for 13 years. There’s a collaborative, creative community in here, we’ve even had the pleasure of recording several songs with bands that are/have been in the building.”

    Robert Whitely | Producer/Owner, Whitewood Recording Studios